Saturday, September 04, 2010

Bethany a Crochet Ballerina Doll

This is Bethany and she is my first crochet ballerina doll.  She was lots of fun to make.  The most challenging part was sandwiching the pipe cleaners for the legs and arms.  The pipe cleaners allow Bethany to pose as a ballerina.  She is so cute.  I made Bethany from a pattern I found on the Dolly Donations Facebook Page.  Dolly Donations also has a blog with  information about their mission of providing dolls for children in need.  This site also provides the patterns and tutorials for making the sewn dolls.  Since I crochet and knit I thought I would start with Bethany.  I have downloaded the pattern for the sewn dolls which look very simple and easy to make. 
Dolly's long and slender ballerina legs.
Dolly's pretty face.  I just made french knots for the eyes and sewed eyelashes using DMC floss.
The mouth was also made using DMC floss.
Dolly's yarn hair.
Dolly was made using Vanna's worsted weight yarn.
Since Bethany is on the small side, she would be perfect to include in the Operations Christmas Child boxes.  Now, I'm starting to get a little anxious....Will I be able to complete all these projects....????keeping in mind that I have a 40 hour job.  So many neat projects to make...and so little time.
I know my friend Larissa has made the sewn dolls so I'm sure she'll be able to tell me approximately how long the sewn dolls take to make.  I'm this is it.  Good night.  Just now heading to read Larissa's latest post about doll making.

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