Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tags from Recycled Cards

I found some cards and decided to re purpose them by making tags. To make the tags special I added a crochet border.
 To make these tags, you will need a pretty card cut in tag size: 3" by 4"  or 3-1/2" by 4-1/2".  You will also need an awl or a sharp needle to make the holes on the bottom edge of the tag.  To make the crochet border, I used a size C (2.5mm) crochet hook.
 Sport Weight yarn.  I used Patons Grace.
 Cut the card in tag shape.  To cover the back side of the tag I used scrap book paper. Use a glue stick to glue two pieces together.
Using the awl and graph paper as a guide puncture the bottom edge of the tag.  I worked on a mouse pad surface to protect my table. 
You may go over each hole to enlarge them  a bit so the needle will go through easier.
 Cut a piece of yarn at least 5 times the width of the tag.  Thread a wide eye needle (such as a Tapestry needle) and use the blanket stitch to create an edge.  This is the base and you will use it to make  the crochet stitches.
With the front of the tag facing you (this is the right side), insert the crochet hook and begin the crochet border.
Here are some more samples:  This mini tag came with a bag I bought at Target.  You may cover the tote bag words and add your own words....such as Hi....or What's Up?  Use your imagination.  Affix this mini tag to a card.
as I did in this example:
Christmas card turned into a tag.
Can you tell I like snowmen? I chose to hide the blanket stitch on the snowmen tags.  The blanket stitch and crochet border were done on a separate tag and covered with the snowman card pictures. Simply glue the two layers together.
More samples....
I will make a short video showing how to make the blanket stitch on the card stock soon.
I have written three patterns which are very simple to follow:
Crochet Border Tags

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