Sunday, July 22, 2012

Super Delicious and Super Nutritious

I have been eating Quinoa for some time now and love it.  It's high in its protein value which is important to me since I  do not eat  red meat or chicken.  This recipe was pinned by my daughter and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to try it.  The only change I made to this amazing recipe was to use fresh milled whole wheat flour and substituted the green onions for chives from my garden.  If you follow the lady's suggestion of cooking the patties at low heat you'll succeed.  Read about the nutritional value of Quinoa here. It's a pretty amazing grain.  I also like to add it to my salads or even to cooked oatmeal.

I opted and used Zucchini instead of the chopped carrots. You can use any type of Quinoa.  I happened to have on hand the darker variety.

I used  the measuring cup to make the patties/burgers and....
dropped them unto my spatula and then into the pan...My main concern was whether they would hold together.
and they did.  I had quite a bit of the mix and this 1/4 cup measure patties would have taken me a long time, so I just made the patties larger.
As I mentioned I used fresh milled wheat flour.  The correct term for the type of wheat I used is Hard Red Wheat which I purchased from the Bread Becker's Shop in Woodstock, Georgia.  I loved, loved, loved this store.  I am very fortunate that it's very close to my daughter's house.  My daughter blessed me by giving me the Whisper Mill she had been using since she got a new model.
So....lucky to own one of these now.  The huge container with the red lid holds my red hard wheat.  On my next visit I will need to purchase white hard wheat.
This Zucchini bread I made this afternoon with the flour "smelled healthy" according to my husband. The bread did not raise as much as one using white flour but the texture was light and amazing. 

So....on my next visit to my daughter's I hope to purchase the Bread maker to start making my own Ezekiel Bread.
Little Orange owl I finished this afternoon paid a visit to the fairies.  Loved how this one turned out.   It was knitted using 2 double points using the YFSL1 (yarn forward slip one) which basically allows you to knit in the round using 2 needles. The wings were made the same way.

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