Sunday, March 30, 2008

Extreme Ice Gym

PhotobucketThe Extreme Ice Gym was quiet and nearly empty this Sunday afternoon. Rob the trainer and two other members plus me and Cliff were present. I started my workout using the elliptical machine, then I worked out using some of the machines which have weights. I have to use the lowest weight available. I finished the workout using the treadmill.

Cliff has been enjoying going to the gym with me. He still maintains the machine he has been using at home can do most of the things the gym's machines do. He does like doing the cardio workout using the elliptical.

Here's Cliff trying to do pull ups.
Me working out the abs. It's actually easier to work the abdomen using this machine than doing it on the floor.
View of some of the machines.
Cliff on the treadmill.
More machines.

I set up the treadmill so I could brisk walk, with a slight inclination. Cliff said his feet felt funny after getting off the treadmill.
He seems to like the treadmill more than the elliptical. The elliptical does burn more calories, I think.


I'll be taking Zumba classes on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday. It was neat to see some of the ladies who used to go to Ladies Workout Express again at this new gym.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Charlotte Purls Meeting

The real neat thing about going to my Knitting Group meetings is that I learn something new every time. Books are great but I love to get together and learn from other ladies who love to crochet and knit. Connie brought quite a few of dishcloths she has made which combine knitting and crochet. She knits them and adds a crochet border which adds so much. She held a crochet session for those who were interested in the basics of crochet. I think she had enough lessons for upcoming meetings. I noticed some of the ladies were having trouble even making a chain. I tried to encouraged them not to give up, because it does get better and easier.

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Manchelle is an avid crocheter and knitter. The market bag I'm holding is one she has been using to teach. She was so sweet and gave me the pattern sheet. This pattern is also available online.

Manchelle also brought these cute knitted slippers which would make great gifts. She shared the pocket book slippers pattern and I can't wait to try it.

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It's always so nice to sit and chat with Rose and she brought Jackie O to the meeting. She could not believe I was still working on my fish. I'm not really that bad starting and not completing my projects. This fish though has so many scales and they all have had to be blocked because of their curling tendency. Don't worry Rose, I'll have it finished soon.

I worked on my Crochet flower hot pad and completed the border which Connie suggested.

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Turned out pretty. I love red and white in the kitchen so I guess I'll keep this one. Connie tried to steal it during the meeting. Actually I'm flattered that she'd like to keep something I made.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Busy Saturday

Gnome and LaundryI let my laundry get a little out of control. I had two weeks worth of clothes to fold and put away. Today I finally managed to put everything in baskets. Hopefully tomorrow I'll put clothes, towels, etc..where they belong. What a chore, this is really my least favorite thing to do.

Decided to give Flippy a break and took him out of his cage. The bird won't stop whistling as long as it sees its reflection. In the afternoon I shopped at AC Moore and took advantage of the 50% off coupon book to purchase a book. On the way back home I stopped by Trim Up, a fitness club for women in Matthews and I was very impressed by this facility. This place is around 6 miles from my house. The owner will waive the joining fee and give me a special rate. The monthly fee includes the classes they offer, which include: zumba, step strength, pilates, FitBall, WOW., etc.. My gym, Ladies Workout Express will only be open through March.

Alladin's Eatery arrives in Mint Hill

Middle Eastern AppetizersWe have a new restaurant in Union County very close to our home. I've been anticipating it's opening because when I visited Panama last year, my sister took us to a restaurant that served middle eastern food. The food is very flavorful since they season with garlic, lemon, parsley and mint. The few dishes that I have tried I like, such as Fattoush salad, Falafel and Tabbouleh. The name of this new restaurant is Alladin's Eatery.

Friday night me and Cliff went after work. We arrived around 6:30 p.m and the place was packed. So when our waiter introduces himself, Cliff asks "Where's Alladin?" Very funny. Cliff, who had also tried this type of food in Panama decided to order the beef kabobs. His dish consisted of meat accompanied by rice and a very strong garlic sauce. He was disappointed that his entree did not include a vegetable or a salad. Usually kabobs come on a stick with vegetables, not the middle eastern ones I guess.

The food you see in the picture is what I ordered. It is an appetizer and I'm not sure I'll order it again. Cliff commented, "Well if you had no teeth, you'd have no trouble eating this food. This appetizer came with three different kinds of sauces (dip consistency), tabbouleh and the brown looking patties are Falafel. My friend Donna was there too. I saw what her daughter ordered, Salad Pita Bowl and it looked great. I highly recommend Fattoush salad; I'll be sure to order this next time. The cakes and cheesecakes they serve are one of the best I've ever seen, even better than the desserts you can get at the Cheese Cake Factory. I'm serious the portions were huge and the selection was incredible. I did not try any this time.