Monday, May 30, 2011

Parsnip Chips

Made Parsnip Chips this evening and they were tasty and sweet.  They are very simple to make.  It does help to slice them thin using a mandolin.  Season with salt and pepper or you can use any Seasoning salt you have on had.  You will need to coat the parsnip chips in Olive oil or Grapeseed oil.  Bake in a preheated 375 oven until slightly browned.  I baked the chips for around 30 minutes....Check and turn them a few times.

Speaking of is the knitted lamb I named... Parsnip.  Pepper is the black lamb.



Friday, May 27, 2011

A Little Bit of this and a Little bit of ThAt...

To make this tag all you will need is yellow notebook paper, a strip of paper cut from a discarded book.  I come across a lot of these where I work (at the Library), buttons, rick rack, buttons and my favorite things to work with, manila tags and baker's twine.  You can actually make your own tag.

Anything goes when you work with paper. Place different layers of paper you like.  I decided  to crease the narrow strip of text and burnish the edges with a stamp pad to make a paper ruffle. Use a glue stick to secure the layers of paper you will be using.  I used regular Elmer's glue to secure the crochet flower and the buttons.
I was thrilled with my recent purchase of manila tags from the Black Door Studio.  Wow!! you get 20 tags for only $1.75.  I have not tried tea or coffee staining the tags which the seller says works real well.
My other favorite thing I have had my eye for some time now is Baker's twine. Annie42 is where I found the best deal.  This twine is excellent quality and I had no trouble crocheting the little Flower.  You will need to use a small hook such as a C or E.  Give it a try:

 Crochet Mini Flower
Wrap the twine around the middle and index finger and make a ring.
Round 1: Chain 1, work 5 single crochet in the ring, join with a slip stitch to the beginning single crochet.

Round 2: Work in the first single crochet [Chain 3, 2 double crochet, chain 3, slip stitch], skip the next single crochet, *in the next single crochet work [slip stitch, chain 3, 2 double crochet, chain 3, slip stitch] Repeat doing this from the * 3 more times.  You will end with a total of 5 petals.  Join with a slip stitch to the beginning stitch. 

To finish off the flower make sure you close the circle in the middle by pulling on the tail.  Hide the tails using a yarn needle.

I made this tag before getting the manila tags from card stock. 

Incorporate the tags you make in a card.
Keep the supplies you are using to make tags using a cutlery container.
Look around your house and I'm sure you'll be able to find a LiTtLe bIt of ThIs and  LiTTle bit of ThAt to make pretty tags.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Paper Bunting Card

To make this very easy card, you will need scrap booking paper, paper from a discarded book, white cardstock (for the card), glue stick, an awl, a marker with a fine tip, double stick tape, a punch to cut the little flower, a small circle punch to cut the two circles for the flowers and twine.

From white card stock cut a piece that measures 5-1/2" by 8-1/2".  Fold in half.  Cut another piece from scrapbook paper which measures 4" by 5-1/2".  Use small pieces of double stick tape and center scrapbook paper piece on top of the white card.  The pennant shape pieces are made from a piece of scrapbook paper and from pages from an old discarded book.  Cut this pieces t o measure 4" by 1-3/8".  Fold each piece in half using the glue stick to hold in half.  Using scissors  cut into a pennant shape.  Place the four pieces and secure to the card using the glue stick. 
Using an awl puncture two small holes right next to the pennant shapes.  Do this on each side.
Using a blunt needle thread a piece of twine and tie into a bow.
Embellish the card with flowers cut with a punch and using a fine tip marker write the sentiment.
The Finished Card
Some more cards using the same materials and technique:


Sunday, May 08, 2011

I'm Still Knitting Wee Little Critters

I hope everyone has enjoyed a very special Mother's Day.  I enjoyed mine doing what I love best these days knitting a Wee Lil Birdie.
This little bird is knitted in the round using double point needles.  I really like how the beak came.  You will need a basic knowledge of crochet to make the beak.  I tried hard creating a knitted beak but found that it was much easier using a crochet hook.
The legs are made by making an I-cord which two stitches in the needle.  You can actually attach the yarn to the bottom of the bird and begin knitting.  This step eliminates attaching the leg with a yarn needle.  To pick up the stitches use a crochet hook and then mount on the double point needles.
After completing the leg I found it lots easier to make the toes also using a crochet hook.
The toes are all hooked to the I cord and are made by chaining three and then slip stitching three.  This bird only has three toes.
I hope you do try to make this bird.  I must caution that due to all the techniques I use it is not a project for beginners.  There is some degree of difficulty.
Here's red birdie made earlier this week.
I have written the pattern and you can download a free copy here:
If you have any questions....please don't hesitate  to leave a comment.