Thursday, February 05, 2009

Roma - The first Day - August 8, 2008

Roma Termini - Train Station

The second large city we visited was Rome, the capital of Italy. We boarded the train on August 8 in Pordenone and it took around 5 hours to get to this magnificent city considered the third most visited destination in the European Union I did not mind the train ride; the scenic ride made this train ride enjoyable.

We went without any plans or hotel reservations. We had a sheet of paper with various hotels listed within walking distance from the Roma Termini Station. This was a mistake. It's better to research ahead of time and reserve the hotel. We walked and walked and most hotels near the station were full. We finally found one after walking more than three blocks from the station, Hotel Verona on Via di Santa Maria Maggiore. Our room was next to a very noisy elevator which was used all night. Seriously, ask Cliff, he did not sleep all night. I used my ear plugs so I was able to sleep some. My advice: hotels in Rome are very old so make sure to ask if your room is near an elevator.

One good thing about Hotel Verona was that it was close to the Colosseum. Keep in mind that we had already walked quite a while and were tired but we could not wait to see it. I was very excited to be in Rome, can you tell? We did take a taxi back to the hotel which cost 12 Euros. (Pricey) considering the short distance.

The arch of Constantine, in Italian: Arco di Constantino, was erected in October 28, 312 to commemorate Constantine I's triumph over Maxentius at the battle of Milvian Bridge.