Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wool Dryer Balls Giveaway

I recently purchased plastic dryer balls from Target.  They do a wonderful job and the clothes come out soft and without wrinkles.  The only problem is that they are so noisy.  I cannot use them if my husband is bed at night because my laundry is close to our bedroom.  
During a recent visit to my daughters she introduced me to the wool dryer balls that are used instead of using dryer sheets.  The neat thing is that they don't make noise.  

So I'm entering the giveaway...and if I don't win I still have the chance to use the 10% coupon.

Hope you check it out.
Here's the link:


Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Charleston Inn in the North Carolina Smoky Mountains plus a Train Ride

Enjoyed a wonderful two days In Bryson City, NC. We stayed at the Charleston Inn. Angela and Scott, the owners made our time at their Inn memorable and special.  They have been the owners for the past 10 years or so. It's a very peaceful and relaxing place surrounded by luscious and very interesting vegetation.
 My mother and Cliff looking forward to eating breakfast.  Loved the music that played in the background from the late 70's.
The atmosphere and the decorating style at the Inn were very homey.  This room housed quite a few board games.  Cliff is not really the board game type.  We spent time using the internet and I watched 24 using the headphones when everyone went to bed.
Early Friday morning we got ready for the train ride on board the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad which leaves from Bryson City.  The 44 mile round trip was made along the Tuckasegee River and over the breathtaking Fontana Lake.  I learned the bluish green waters of the lake were the result of the copper content.  There used to be copper mines in this area.
We splurged a little and rode in one of the first class cars and were treated to unlimited drinks (tea, soda, lemonade) and a delicious lunch.  Our waitress was Renee, a lovely and bubbly first time grandmother who made our train experience memorable. We also received and embroidered tote bag and a souvenir tumbler.
We took a walk all along the train and saw another First Class car.
The train stopped at the Nantahala River Gorge were we spent one hour. It was fun to see the river rafter and those brave souls riding on the kayaks.
The Kayaks
After the train ride we explored the area and found a waterfall nearby.  We always look for the waterfalls if we are in the mountains. It was not super impressive but nevertheless worth the hike.  With all the eating we did I welcomed this work out.
 Another picture taken of my handsome husband during our exploration after the 4-1/2 hour train ride. It was fun to see the people riding on tubes. $3.00 a tube is certainly more affordable for the wildwater rafting which costs around $44.00 a person. which do you prefer, the mountains or the beach?


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Here Comes the Bride and Her Groom

I am very pleased with my latest owl creation a bride and her Owlgroom groom. This pair was worked using a double strand of my favorite cotton yarn I Love This Cotton and size 9 knitting needles.
The bride is petite measuring just over 3 inches.  Like all brides she gracefully wears a veil made out of Tulle.

The groom's boutonniere and beret have been made using upcycled wool.  He stands approximately 4 inches tall.  The groom and his bride have plans for an owlymoon and will be staying at the Hollow Log Lodge.  Feel free to send your wishes for this beautiful pair of knitted owls.


Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I Love Black Beans

Cooking is one of those activities I enjoy when I have time off work.  Ever since I heard about Dave's and Amrita's black bean burger, I have been wanting to try them.  I found a recipe in the book Get Cooking by Mollie Katzen which I checked out of my Library.  I was delighted to find she also has a website too.

I changed her recipe and they came out delicious.  Here's the How To from the website Cut out and Keep.

The nutritional value of black beans is extensive.  Too many benefits to number.  This site has excellent information.


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Green is a Beautiful Color

This spring and summer we have had frog visitors in our little pond.  This one came during spring and did not stay for too long.  Cliff said he found love somewhere else.
We have another frog but unlike this one who let me snap his picture the new one is extremely shy.  Oh well, so since I could not take its picture,  here's another pretty green thing growing right by the pond. It's called an Umbrella Palm and can grow in water and soil.

I'm not so sure, about this Frog I designed.  He looks more like an alien.  But he's green so I thought I would share his picture.

I'm naming the frog - K e r m i t.

One more green thing I found in the garden.  The herbs just begged to be harvested.  I brought some in the house and put them in the dehydrator.

Now for the grand green finale...............

These dill blooms remind me of fireworks. They have kept well in water.