Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Little Crochet Flowers

This week I made cards and used little Jute crochet flowers to decorate them.  So easy and super fast.  I used Jute twine I purchased from Dollar Tree and a crochet H hook (5.0 mm)  I embellished the little flower using buttons which I glued to the centers.

The Five Petal Daisy!
Abbreviations Used:  Ch=chain
dc= double crochet
sl st= slip stitch

Start by making a ring, *(Ch 1, 2dc, ch2, sl st in the ring)* Repeat from * to * 4 more times.
 The Loopy Flower
Make a ring, *ch8, sl st in the ring. Repeat 5 more times.
I told you it would be easy...have fun and send some one of a kind messages to warm someone's heart!

Here are some sentiment messages:
You make me happy!
Awesome News
Love it!!
So Happy for You

If you don't want to use your own handwriting, simply stamp your message but I bet if you practice, you'll be able to use your own handwriting.  It makes the message and the card double special.
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