Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Fun Day off Work

Friday was my day off and I was looking forward to getting together with Connie. I love to knit and now to crochet and it can be so much much fun in the company of a friend. It's a wonderful experience and I always walk away with new knowledge. It takes a long time to learn everything there is to learn about knitting or crochet.
Connie had never been to a Panera's. (I still find that hard to believe). We arrived sometime before 11 a.m. and didn't leave until............I'm not saying yet.

Connie brought her new Noah's Arc baby blanket she's working for her future grandbaby. I hope she'll soon discover what a joy it's to be a grandmother. I brought along my amigurumi Frog. I've recently discovered these fun crocheted little creatures and I love to make them. We had fun as we always do, but we (mostly Connie) also worked very hard trying to figure out a lacy crochet pattern for a tablecloth from the book Vintage Crochet. Most everyone will agree that crochet instructions are complicated. Connie tried and tried to figure out the pattern. I don't think she even knew I took this picture.


So...........we didn't leave Panera's until after 5 p.m. We went home exhausted and hungry ready to eat a nourishing fish dinner. Later on that evening, Connie who had already figured out the pattern by just looking at the picture, asked me to come over. She was very determined to get me going and she did. It's so exciting to figure out a pattern. She and I both finished a sample done in worsted weight yarn.


Froggy without arms and legs and eyeballs....Photobucket

Froggy came to life at Panera's....and here he is by the pond. He is really cute and makes me smile. I will be making more since I got the beads I needed for the feet and arms.

I've completed one crochet square using the yarn I purchased at Michael's. It worked perfect and did not use as much yarn as I thought it would.


Froggy likes it and sits well on it.

Sorry about the blurry pictures.