Saturday, March 05, 2011

Origami Newspaper Pots

The weather is changing rapidly and has been consistently mild causing all kinds of beautiful blooms.  I do hope this continues and we don't get any freezing temperatures.  It still could happen, time will tell.  We have gotten snow in Charlotte in April.  So I thought I would get a head start and plant seeds indoors hence the Origami Paper Pots.  All you need is newspaper and a desire to me it is therapeutic.  It does take time but you will be so proud you did not just recycle your newspaper but repurposed it.  I used a small newspaper.  If you use the large size you will get two squares from each sheet. After cutting the paper, you will need to square the sheet.  Just fold in a diagonal to cut into the square shape.  The piece should measure a little over 10 inches square.
 Fold paper diagonally on both directions to mark the center.  Fold each corner so the points meet the center.
 Fold each corner once again in the same way.
Fold up and divide into thirds. (Eyeball the folds) If you want you can use a ruler to make sure the measurements are about the same. Do this folding in both directions.
Once folded into thirds your square should look like this.  Don't forget to repeat the process in the other direction.

After folding in this manner in both direction notice you have a grid. The base of the pot will be approximately 2 to 2-1/2 inches.
This is the tricky part but don't give up.  You will be folding up the sides to create a box.
This is how it should look once you fold up.  Now bring the top and fold it down so it is now inside the box.
After you fold down the side tuck the point inside the box.
The finished box should measure approximately 2 to 2-/12 inches square.  

Fill the paper pots with loose soil and place in a pan.  I used a rectangular cake pan.

Place around 3 to 4 seeds and cover with about 1 teaspoon of soil. Water and keep moist.  I made a  tent using the plastic wrap in which rolls of paper towel came.  Keep the wrapping loose to simulate a  greenhouse.

I planted Cornflower seeds and they sprung fast.  This is how the seeds looked two days  after planting.

A week later the seedlings look happy although thin.  Keep in a well lit location and water using a spray bottle.  I squirt them when I see the top of the soil looks dry.  You will do this at least 4 times a week.
I will be planting these outside soon.  There is no need to take them out of the paper pots.  Plant them directly into the ground.  The paper will disintegrate.

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