Saturday, June 25, 2011

Accordion Fold Butterfly

To make this accordion fold butterfly you will need 2 square pieces of paper in two different sizes. A 4 inch piece of pipe cleaner and a safety pin.  For small butterfly cut one piece 2-1/2 square and the larger piece 2-3/4 square.   Burnish paper edges using a dauber and a brown ink pad.

2- Accordion fold each piece.

3 - Using an awl puncture the two folded pieces in the middle.  Join the two folded pieces and insert the safety pin through the layers.  The safety pin will become the butterfly's body.  Apply a little glue where the two pieces join.  Take a 4 inch piece of pipe cleaner and insert through the hole on the top of the safety pin.  Let dry.  Open folds as desired.  

4 - Mount butterfly unto a scalloped circular shape and apply a little glue to hold in place.

5 - Embellish adding other papers or decorations.

6 - Mount the finished butterfly unto a tag.

Another pretty tag I created this butterfly slightly smaller.

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