Friday, May 09, 2008

I love Chai !!

My Mother's Day Gift from AndreaGot a nice surprise this Friday afternoon. I had been meaning to order Chai from Flip Flop Mamma but before I could do it my darling daughter sent me some. Flip Flop Mamma makes a very good instant Chai Mix. I just love it. My daughter knows how much I love it. During my last visit every afternoon I wanted my chai. It's very refreshing and uplifting. Thank You -- Thank You. You made me feel special.

Iced chai is my favorite. Here I am enjoying the smell of the warm chai.
Smelling the chai

Cheers - Happy Mothers Day to my wonderful daughter and to all the Mothers I know!!

The best Chai

A Walk through the Garden

Spring is at its peak and blooming is everywhere. My allergies really have not been as bad this season. I did quite well on April. May arrived and I definitely got hit...but still not as bad. The flowers don't bother me, it's thee oak pollen.

God's majesty and power is seen in the beautiful things he has created to bring us joy. My most prized flower is this pink peony which came from Kathleen (Cliff's mom). The blooms are gigantic and smell wonderful.
Peony in Full Bloom

I have been enjoying this beautiful flower indoors as well. I liked it so much that Cliff bought me another Peony plant which will give white flowers.
Cliff takes pride in his pond. The goldfish seem to love it too. So far we have been lucky and the fish have not been attacked by any bird or animal. Here we are enjoying our wonderful lake property as he calls his pond.

Cliff's Pond

Carla followed us during our walk. She was frisky too and climbed up on the tree house to show off.


The finale-------------------

Animated Amigurumi

I just love Amigurumis. Even saying the word is cute. Ha...Ha.. Once you start making them, your get hooked. Right now I'm working from patterns but some day I hope I'll be able to design and make my own. Connie did you get the Amigurumi book you ordered? Can't wait to see it and borrow it...:-)

I found this neat video on YouTube.

I've also found some tutorial videos that are neat to watch and learn. Like I said, just can't seem to get enough.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Caleb sings Happy Birthday to Pappa

Birthdays are special occasions in our family and we believe in the tradition of signing Happy Birthday. This past week we celebrated Cliff's birthday and Caleb couldn't get enough of signing this song. He has always enjoyed the candles on his piece of cake and singing over and over. He is so cute and we enjoyed his singing. We found this really neat candles shaped like balloons. The next day we had some more ice cream cake but there were no more candles, so I had to light a lighter while Caleb sang again. We did this at least 3 times.

Andrea and Travis gave Cliff a neat birthday card and treated us to dinner at the Golden Corral. He likes eating at places like this where a wide variety of food is served. He was happy to share this wonderful time with Andrea, Travis and the grandkids. He was also happy to get the sprinkler on a tripod.

Taite is a super vegetable eater. I'm really amazed at his preference of anything green (broccoli, green peas, green beans and zucchini are some of his favorites.

Me and Taite at the Golden Corral. Taite is such a joy and loving little one. Loves to be held and hugged.

Caleb makes the most amazing funny faces. He was a good boy at the Golden Corral.

On our first day we took a walk in a nearby neighborhood and I took these pictures:

We met a friendly kitty. Checkout Taite balancing.
We stopped by one of their friends. Taite has the most beautiful blue eyes.

The weather during our visit was excellent and we took the kids on a canoe ride.