Sunday, April 10, 2011

Homemade Green Insecticidal Soap

This winter I noticed two of my plants had Whiteflies, my Jade plant and a Fern.  As soon as the temperatures got warmer I moved them outside.  At this time of the year as long as it does not get below 32 degree F, plants do Ok if they are put somewhat near the house.

A natural way of treating white flies, aphids, spider mites and scales is by spraying the plant with Insecticidal soap.  I had on hand Dr Woods Pure Tea Tree Castile Soap which contains  hemp oil, olive oil, tea tree oil, sea salt, citric acid and rosemary extract.  Dr Bronner's Castile soap is also all natural and will work well.
Castile Soap is mild enough to use on your face so it won't hurt your plants or pets and will attack the infestation.  Here's the recipe.

Green Insecticidal Soap
1 Quart of water
1 tablespoon Castile Soap
Dissolve the Castile soap in the water.  Pour into a spray bottle.  Label the bottle.
Tip: the Method All Purpose cleaner bottle holds 1 quart of water.
Spray the plant thoroughly preferably early in the morning or late in the afternoon.   Place the plant in a shady location during the treatment.  Do not spray in a sunny location.  Check the plant and repeat spraying after 3 days.  If it rains and the rain washes away the soap, you may spray again before the third day.
My infected Jade Plant

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