Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Little Over a Year Ago in Panama

A little over a year ago we spent two weeks ago in Panama, my native country.  The neat thing about this trip was that Caleb (he was 4 at the time) joined us.  I'm so glad he was able to experience a different culture and meet some of the relatives.
Caleb handled the heat pretty well even got a smile out of him on this photo.  We took him to Summit gardens, a small zoo/park where I used to go as a child.

The monkeys always ask for something to eat.
Not sure what Caleb was feeding them, I think we had raisins.  He was pretty brave to reach out and feed them.
Not even Cliff could resist this experience.
Andrea had fun photographing nature.
We stopped to rest frequently...You do not want to forget your water bottleThis excursion to Summit Gardens did not last long at all.  The heat was more than Caleb and his mom (Andrea) could take.  I will always treasure this beautiful but very hot day.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Motif a Day

I never go out of town without a project to crochet or knit.  This book became my companion and I was pleasantly surprised how I was able to follow the patterns I worked on.  I guess I can consider myself and Intermediate crocheter if I was able to work these patterns. It can be very frustrating when you can't follow or understand patterns. This book is not too complicated and the stitch diagrams which accompany every motif are also helpful.

A year or so ago I would not have been able to crochet anything in this book. I think.
I'm so glad I don't get sick while crocheting in the car. It sure helps pass the time on the 4-1/2 hour car ride.
The Fanning Points Motif
La Fleur de Vie
Ice Crystal
So now that I have succeeded I want to make more.  I will hold on to these samples and give them as gifts.  These were worked using mercerized cotton and could be used as doilies.  This book would make a great addition to my library.  I would highly recommend it for anyone who likes instant gratification.  All these motifs are very quick to complete.


Saying Goodbye to Owen

Time flies when you are having a good time.  This morning we spent a very short time at Andrea's before saying good bye.  She and Travis decided to take him once more to see the doctor since he has not been having as many wet diapers as he should.
Caleb loves his brother and was thrilled to hold him on his lap this morning.  He says he will protect Owen and Taite.
Can you see the family resemblance.  Owen looks like his two brothers.
Owen safe in his Caleb's lap. Such a precious moment.
After his bath...Owen lays content.  Mom and dad are concerned that he has not have many wet he is all bundled up and looking so cute wearing the Pixie hat I made for him. He is going out see the doctor. Travis said just to be sure.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Grandparents Adventures Continue....

Caleb has come back with us to the Hampton Inn hotel every day since we have been in Williamston.  He told me the first day that he wanted to stay in the hotel until Saturday (the day we are leaving).

Today our room was not ready so we spent some time downstairs.  It did not take him long to explore the surroundings and find food.  He is definitely going  through a growth spurt and eats and eats.
Eating a banana he found in the breakfast room.

Just before leaving our room he begged for an almond filled pillow cookie. There's only one left and he says I have to save that one for him too.  Notice the orange on his plate too.
We waited some more and enjoyed this pretty room in the hotel lobby. At this point he was done eating...until...
...he smelled the cookies that are baked every afternoon. He was happy as you can see. We finally were able to go back to our room after 3.  He has been napping for some time now.  I bet you he'll ask me for something to eat when he gets up.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beautiful Spring Day in Williamston

The weather was perfect this morning, not as windy as it has been so we took Taite and Caleb for a walk.  Andrea and Travis took Owen for a weight check to Greenville.
The Bradford Pear trees are looking splendid.  I was thrilled not to be sneezing due to allergies.  This will start very soon and I won't be able to take walks.
Taite hides behind a very interesting and old tree.

Another very old tree (Crape Myrtle) worth hugging.

Taite would not share Nana's shades. Taite is a joy but three year olds talk constantly and can push a button or two....LOL...He's very loving and he tells me over and over he likes me...and Papa too.
I did get the chance to hold Owen this morning before he left to see the doctor. He turned 6 days old today.
He gets much comfort from the pacifier. The nurses had told Andrea not to give him one since she is nursing.  What is a baby to do but eat, sleep and be comforted in between feedings by his pacifier.  Better to suck on one than later on reach for the hand and thumb.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meeting Owen

I'm so glad we finally were able to meet our third grandson, Owen Luther.  Nothing can compare to holding a newborn baby.  Everyone says you can't spoil them when they are this young.  Owen loves to be held and goes to sleep soundly.  During the night like all newborns he is keeping mom and dad awake.  Today he had his 5 day check up and is doing great experiencing the normal stuff newborns go through as they adjust from being in the womb to being outside.

We got to spend a few hours with this 3 year old bundle of love, Taite while Andrea and Travis took Owen to his check up.  We also took Caleb to his school and got to see his classroom.  He was very excited to be at school today because they were having Pajama day.

Before picking Caleb from school me and Taite played outside with what he called his helicopter.

We enjoyed the outdoor play....then we took off to pick up Caleb.  As soon as I got in the car I smelled dog poop...Yuck....It was me.  I'll be more careful next time, if there is another next time on their back yard.  Look to the bottom right, I wonder if that was the poop I stepped on.

We had lunch at Wendy's after picking up Caleb and then came back to the hotel so I could change into my other shoes.  Let's just say that both Taite and Caleb were fascinated being in our hotel room.  Caleb said that he wanted to stay in our hotel until this coming Saturday (the day we leave).  It did not take them long to feel right at home.  It was difficult to convince them that it was time to go home.  I kept telling them that we had to leave so the cleaning ladies could come in and do their work.  It feels great to be loved by these two.

We are now back in the hotel (without the kids)...and I enjoyed a cup of coffee from this neat 1 cup coffee maker in our room.

Cliff is all worn out from the adventures with the grandkids and also not sleeping the well the night before. The flapping of the flag just outside our room kept him up. We changed rooms this afternoon.


Monday, March 15, 2010

My New Passion - Making Books

I have never been very interested in creating large scrapbooks.  On the other hand, I will make a mini scrapbook journal that does not demand hours to complete.  I came across some very old pictures and decided to use some of the pictures on one of the small books I created.

The book was made by recycling a box which had contained cappuccino mix.  It's very small and compact and it's really more of a journal to record special moments, quotes, sayings (of my grand kids too)  I decided adding some pictures would be nice.  The mini journal-scrapbook measures 3 inches by 6-1/2 inches.  The side of this book measures 2-1/4 inches.  I was able to sew 8 signatures.  Each signature is made up of 7 sheets.

I came up with this design to sew the signatures.  To sew I used waxed linen thread.  This long stitch method of sewing is the easiest in my opinion.

I used various types of papers.  I'm a beginner so I've trying to use recycled paper or paper that I have available.

I lined the inside of the covers with scrapbook paper.  It adds strength and adds a nice finishing touch.  I simply used a glue stick to glue this paper.

The book contains a total of 112 pages, with lots of space to add pictures and write, draw...document ideas, etc...etc...  I do want to use it to record special moments or maybe even have my grand kids write something or draw something.  I'm looking at it as a mini journal-scrapbook to take with me anywhere.

I remember when this picture was taken---27 years ago.  The baby on the picture is my son Kevin at three months.  I did not spend too much time decorating the book.  The little squirrel that says I fancy you was cut out of a Stampin' Up catalog.  They key is to keep it simple.  Looking at pictures like this makes me smile.

Now I have a place to put the subway tickets we used during our visit in Rome

My daughter as a very pretty single lady and as a baby.

The name of my book is Remember When.

Instructions to make this mini journal-scrapbook can be found  here.