Sunday, February 28, 2010

Eco Books

I have really enjoyed the book Eco Books by Terry Taylor which is available at my Library.  I'm using this book to teach myself bookbinding without glue.  I love the projects in the book but I have to say I found sewing books a bit more challenging and difficult than I anticipated.  Fortunately, there is You Tube.  I did find some tutorials that were somewhat useful.  

This was my church's bulletin today.  I got quite a few to practice. I like it because it shows the Charlotte skyline.

Front and back covers
The papers that make up the book are called signatures.
These books were made using the Coptic bookbinding technique. I need lots more practice as you can see.  It was neat to find out that the Copts, Christians living in Egypt in the 2nd century AD developed this technique.

I got this waxed linen thread from an Etsy seller.  I will use it when I get better.  To practice, I'm using embroidery floss.  I have looked in a couple of stores and have not been able to find this thread.  Will keep looking to see if I can get a better deal and more quantity.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Russel Newborn Hat

I made up my mind to design and make the Russell Newborn hat.  This hat is meant to be used as a photography prop since it has such a long tail.  My inspiration came from the book Russell the Sheep by Rob Scotton.  The book is about Russell the sheep who could not sleep and tries all kinds of things to fall asleep.  He finally succeeds when he decides to count sheep.  The illustrations have been an inspiration to me.

From the brim to the pompom the hat measures 26-1/2 inches.

I've also written the pattern---so I'll probably make some more in the near future.


Friday, February 19, 2010

While waiting for Baby

I thought that by now our soon to be born grandson would have arrived. So far he is still in his momma's belly which has given me time to finish the edge on the receiving blankets.  I bought a pack of four Carter's receiving blankets with a serged edge at Kohls.
The monkey one is my favorite.  After puncturing all sides of the blankets, join yarn, chain one and work single crochets around. Join with a slip stitch, chain 1, *(2 sc, chain1, sl stitch) Repeat to the end.
The skip stitch blade I purchased a few months ago was used to poke small openings along the blankets borders. Using the Rotary Olfa Mat Place a ruler at 3/4" from the edge and puncture all along the four sides of the blanket.  I was surprised how much I had to bear down to make the small holes. Nana is working hard for you baby.  We don't know his name yet.  My daughter won't share until baby is born.

I like the non traditional colors.  This edge was worked after working all around with single crochets by joining and chaining 1, *(2 half double crochet, slip stitch in next opening).  Repeat from * to the end.  I used a hook G and a worsted weight cotton by I Love This Cotton Yarn.
To create this newborn beret I found inspiration on the receiving blanket with the monkey motif.  Beret was made with my favorite cotton yarn for baby hats 'I Love this Cotton'.  I hope they don't decide to discontinue it as they have done with some of their other yarns.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hedgy and Minerva

I've named my whimsical chicken Minerva.  Take a look at those feet.  I will definitely make more chickens.  Minerva is an egg cozy but when not working to keep an egg warm, she can just sit on an inverted votive holder.  I really love how the wings turned out. She looks like she wants to fly off the coop....but she can't....

This pattern is available in the Lilly Sugar'n Cream Chicken Kitchen booklet.  I just purchased mine from Michaels Arts & Crafts for $1.99.  Many more cute patterns are included. Michaels also carries the yarn to make this speckled chicken.

Hedgy turned out pretty cute. Thanks to Connie who supplied the yarn for the fur.  Fur Not really sure how it's called, it was made with Sirdar's Foxy in the squirrel colorway.

Hedgy will roll away so to make him sit you have to prop him onto a small dish or cup.  I used a napkin holder. Hedgy is part of the Woodland Animals Collection by Amy Gaines. I love her patterns. She gives excellent details and pattern instructions.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Year or so Ago

A year or so ago  I got this cute Valentine from my two grand kids.  I've kept it all year long in my kitchen to remind me how blessed I am. Sure would be nice if they lived a little closer.  Next year at this time there will be another little boy in the pictures my daughter takes.

This is my valentine card to Cliff this year which he has not seen as I write this.  He has been gone all day.  He left for work around 11:30 pm and he has not returned.  He did say it could take long but I'm getting ready to call him soon.  Just being lazy getting my cell phone from the car. The card illustrations are from Blissful Elements. I just love vintage and paper ephemera. The paper background was also a gift from Connie.  Making cards is therapeutic and a great outlet for expressing creativity.
The inside of the card. The picture is a few years old.
Worked some on Hedgie and thanks to Connie I'll be able to complete it.  Fun Fur yarn is becoming rare and I was not able to get any but she insisted I use some of her Sirdar Foxy and in the squirrel colorway.  Love how it's coming out.
Hedgie's body...
After church I stopped by The Fresh Market and my mission was to get some of their Pillow cookies for my valentine.  These are absolutely my favorite cookies.  Marion at work first introduced me to them. While at the Fresh Market I also picked some All Dente enriched noodles Lemon Chive Fettuccine.

Happy Valentines to all my Loved ones and friends.
Cliff update: He just now called and is on his way.


Sunday, February 07, 2010

My New Wristlet and Camera Pouch

My wristlet and small zippered pouch from JPat Purses arrived this week.  I fell in love with the fabric as soon as I saw these on her shop not to mention they were on sale. They are both padded lined.
The small one is perfect for my camera.

The ruffled wristlet perfect for taking to my knitting group or going out to lunch from work.
Fully Lined and just too cute.
To make the following card, you will need to cut two card stock pieces in the following dimensions.  The card itself, 4" by 11" (pink).  Score at 2" and 7-1/4".  Scoring makes it easier to fold the card stock.  The brown piece measures 4-1/4" by 5-1/4".  I cut the piece with the cute owl to measure 2-1/4" by 3-1/4". To back this piece cut another piece of card stock measuring 2-1/2" by 3-1/2"
Don't get confused now.  This completed card was made in brown with the small backing piece in pink.
Use double stick tape or glue stick to hold owl piece with the pink backing.  Secure this piece to the card also using double stick tape or a glue stick.  Turn the folded card over and use more double stick tape or glue to secure the backing piece (in this case the pink piece) to the card. To make the bow take a small length of 1/2" ribbon and tie in a knot. Secure to card with a glue dot.  This card will need to be put under heavy books as it wants to stay opened.
These were made with white card stock and black card stock was used for the card backing.