Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tags from Recycled Cards

I found some cards and decided to re purpose them by making tags. To make the tags special I added a crochet border.
 To make these tags, you will need a pretty card cut in tag size: 3" by 4"  or 3-1/2" by 4-1/2".  You will also need an awl or a sharp needle to make the holes on the bottom edge of the tag.  To make the crochet border, I used a size C (2.5mm) crochet hook.
 Sport Weight yarn.  I used Patons Grace.
 Cut the card in tag shape.  To cover the back side of the tag I used scrap book paper. Use a glue stick to glue two pieces together.
Using the awl and graph paper as a guide puncture the bottom edge of the tag.  I worked on a mouse pad surface to protect my table. 
You may go over each hole to enlarge them  a bit so the needle will go through easier.
 Cut a piece of yarn at least 5 times the width of the tag.  Thread a wide eye needle (such as a Tapestry needle) and use the blanket stitch to create an edge.  This is the base and you will use it to make  the crochet stitches.
With the front of the tag facing you (this is the right side), insert the crochet hook and begin the crochet border.
Here are some more samples:  This mini tag came with a bag I bought at Target.  You may cover the tote bag words and add your own words....such as Hi....or What's Up?  Use your imagination.  Affix this mini tag to a card.
as I did in this example:
Christmas card turned into a tag.
Can you tell I like snowmen? I chose to hide the blanket stitch on the snowmen tags.  The blanket stitch and crochet border were done on a separate tag and covered with the snowman card pictures. Simply glue the two layers together.
More samples....
I will make a short video showing how to make the blanket stitch on the card stock soon.
I have written three patterns which are very simple to follow:
Crochet Border Tags


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Maximiliano the Chicken is Finished

I am proud to introduce Maximiliano my chicken creation who was inspired from the illustration by Russell Ayto. His books are wonderful.  I especially like The Cow That was the Best Moo-ther. This book was written by Andy Cutbill and tells the story about Marjorie the cow, proud momma of Daisy who is determined to enter her in a beauty contest.

Sitting pretty Maximiliano measures almost 8-1/2 inches from bottom to the top of his head.  His round body allows him to sit well.  His long legs allow him numerous positions.  I think he looks cute crossing them.

Maximiliano was knitted using 100% bulky Cascade wool Brand.  The circles on the body are made from wool.  He is the perfect addition for a kitchen guarantee to draw smiles. Dander and odor free too.


My Source of Inspiration

One of the advantages of working at the Library is being able to enjoy reading and looking at the illustrations in children's picture books.  I recently checked out The Cow That was the Best Moo-ther by Andy Cutbill and illustrated by Russell Ayto.

I fell in love with the chickens in this book and got to work...with my knitting needles.

Here's a sneak peak of my chicken rendition. He needs a waddle to look more like a chicken.

The chicken legs were made by knitting an i-cord.   Take a look at the anatomically correct chicken feet.  The G crochet hook came in handy.
That is all I can show you of this chicken work in progress. So far I'm pleased with the work.
This little eggplant color wee owl was created and made for a friend's graduating daughter.

This sweet mustard color owl with the rust color beak and talons makes me smile.  He is a tad chunkier than the graduation wee owl.  He is also two toned.  It has not been adopted yet.  When I give away my owls they come with an Adoption Certificate.

This little brown owl sports button eyes.  To add charm I enhanced his body and wings using the duplicate stitch.

I have tweaked Amy Gaine's bird pattern and come up with this cute knitted bird design.  This bird was made using my favorite cotton yarn: I Love This Cotton.

Blue bird sitting pretty on twig nest.

The final touches to the chicken will be completed soon......I also need to think of a name for my first chicken creation.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

An Apple a Day

For some time now I have switched from crocheting to knitting.  I enjoy doing both and I find it's peculiar how out of the blue I find myself knitting and not crocheting.  I have been knitting continental for at least three years.  I started as most people  using the English method where you hold the working yarn on the right hand.  It took me some time to get used to knitting holding the working yarn on the left hand (continental) but like any new skill, practice is all that is needed.

This is how I knit continental:

On the video I stated I was making an apple cozy.  It ended up being a pear cozy.

The other side of the cozy looks like the picture on the right.  To knit this cozy I used size 7 (4.5 mm) double point needles and worsted weight wool yarn.


This is the bottom view of the cozy.

I was determined to make an apple cozy so I worked some more on the design and figured I needed to cast on less stitches to avoid making decreases.  This cozy was made using cotton yarn. The wooden button adds a nice touch.

An apple cozy is  the perfect project to practice knitting using double point needles.  I enjoyed so much  making them because it's an instant gratification project which will allow you to use yarn left over from other projects.

There is something beautiful and unique about a knitted apple cozy.  I am saving these cozies to give away as gifts.  I know I would feel special if someone presented me with such a gift.  After apple a day keeps the doctor away. An apple cozy is the perfect way to transport an apple to avoid bruises.


Sunday, May 09, 2010

Owen - 7 weeks Old

Owen - 7 weeks Old
Originally uploaded by DulceKnits
I got the chance to babysit Owen for about two hours while Andrea took Caleb and Taite to the carnival rides.

I have to say that Owen was a perfect little newborn 7 week baby. I guess he is now officially an infant since he has started the cooing stage as you can see in this picture. There is nothing like baby smell and what a joy it was to experience this.

Owen was dedicated today during the Sunday Worship Service at West End Baptist Church. I know he will be a blessing to Andrea and Travis. He already is!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

2010 - Dia de Los Niños - Dia de Los Libros at Imaginon

Dia de Los Niños was celebrated once again at Imaginon.  The tradition to celebrate this Dia and promote reading for children started back in 1998 in Charlotte.  This special day is celebrated all around the United States.  This was my third year participating and I contributed by organizing a craft for children.  Amy from Outreach at Main gave me a hand and we taught the  children to make Ristras.  Real ristras consist of different varieties of chiles which are strung together.  The ristras are hung in homes as a welcome and good luck symbol.    

Imaginon had a good number of visitors for this event and I enjoyed very much this experience.  This craft was very simple and I found it here.  I was surprised how many children needed help tying the knots.  The knots are made between each chile pepper.  We actually had to make the knot double so the peppers would not slip.  I chuckled at this little malfunction because my sample was made with only one knot and was fine.  Don't you just love it when this happens and you have a crowd and then have to quickly think of a solution.  Well the double knot did work but their ristras were shorter...LOL....

Amy caught on real quick and was a great help.

This young participant required help tying the knots but he was happy with the result.

I had more than enough peppers for this craft and Amy really enjoyed helping out.