Sunday, April 17, 2011

Seed Starters from Newspapers

Spring Fever has caused me to go on a planting spree!  I decided this year to try growing some of my plants from seeds.  It really can save you some money if you don't mind the little extra work  that is involved.  It's actually very exciting to see a plant develop from seed.  With a little tender loving care you can be successful.  This first picture shows some of my Cherry Tomato Plants.  I can't wait for these to grow and start producing tomatoes.  The seeds were free and came from the Lost and Found from Mint Hill Library.

To plant seeds you need little containers.  I planted the first seeds in March and I was not successful since the temperature in my house was still a little too cool and the plants that began to develop were super thin.  The ones I planted in April have done much better.  The little seed starter boxes I made were made using newspaper.
 Step 1: Cut your newspaper to measure 9 inches square.

2. Fold the paper in a diagonal on all four sides.
3. Fold all four points to the middle where the two previous diagonals intercept.
Your paper should look like this:
4. Divide the square paper into thirds by eyeballing and fold up all four sides.
Your paper should look like this.  Don't forget to do this on two sides.
5. This is  tricky.  Hope you  can do it.  Fold two sides up along the previous creases made.

6.  After folding up first side bring the flap towards the inside of the box
Tuck folded side inside box and use your fingers to crease so flap stays put nicely.
Fold in the same way the other side.
The finished box should look like this.  Don't worry if the sides are not super even.  You will be using these to plant seeds and once you start watering they will be misshapen anyway.
You can plant these seed starters directly into the ground.
Happy Happy Gardening

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