Friday, May 09, 2008

A Walk through the Garden

Spring is at its peak and blooming is everywhere. My allergies really have not been as bad this season. I did quite well on April. May arrived and I definitely got hit...but still not as bad. The flowers don't bother me, it's thee oak pollen.

God's majesty and power is seen in the beautiful things he has created to bring us joy. My most prized flower is this pink peony which came from Kathleen (Cliff's mom). The blooms are gigantic and smell wonderful.
Peony in Full Bloom

I have been enjoying this beautiful flower indoors as well. I liked it so much that Cliff bought me another Peony plant which will give white flowers.
Cliff takes pride in his pond. The goldfish seem to love it too. So far we have been lucky and the fish have not been attacked by any bird or animal. Here we are enjoying our wonderful lake property as he calls his pond.

Cliff's Pond

Carla followed us during our walk. She was frisky too and climbed up on the tree house to show off.


The finale-------------------

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