Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beautiful Spring Day in Williamston

The weather was perfect this morning, not as windy as it has been so we took Taite and Caleb for a walk.  Andrea and Travis took Owen for a weight check to Greenville.
The Bradford Pear trees are looking splendid.  I was thrilled not to be sneezing due to allergies.  This will start very soon and I won't be able to take walks.
Taite hides behind a very interesting and old tree.

Another very old tree (Crape Myrtle) worth hugging.

Taite would not share Nana's shades. Taite is a joy but three year olds talk constantly and can push a button or two....LOL...He's very loving and he tells me over and over he likes me...and Papa too.
I did get the chance to hold Owen this morning before he left to see the doctor. He turned 6 days old today.
He gets much comfort from the pacifier. The nurses had told Andrea not to give him one since she is nursing.  What is a baby to do but eat, sleep and be comforted in between feedings by his pacifier.  Better to suck on one than later on reach for the hand and thumb.

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