Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Owen

Time flies when you are having a good time.  This morning we spent a very short time at Andrea's before saying good bye.  She and Travis decided to take him once more to see the doctor since he has not been having as many wet diapers as he should.
Caleb loves his brother and was thrilled to hold him on his lap this morning.  He says he will protect Owen and Taite.
Can you see the family resemblance.  Owen looks like his two brothers.
Owen safe in his Caleb's lap. Such a precious moment.
After his bath...Owen lays content.  Mom and dad are concerned that he has not have many wet he is all bundled up and looking so cute wearing the Pixie hat I made for him. He is going out see the doctor. Travis said just to be sure.

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