Friday, March 26, 2010

Grandparents Adventures Continue....

Caleb has come back with us to the Hampton Inn hotel every day since we have been in Williamston.  He told me the first day that he wanted to stay in the hotel until Saturday (the day we are leaving).

Today our room was not ready so we spent some time downstairs.  It did not take him long to explore the surroundings and find food.  He is definitely going  through a growth spurt and eats and eats.
Eating a banana he found in the breakfast room.

Just before leaving our room he begged for an almond filled pillow cookie. There's only one left and he says I have to save that one for him too.  Notice the orange on his plate too.
We waited some more and enjoyed this pretty room in the hotel lobby. At this point he was done eating...until...
...he smelled the cookies that are baked every afternoon. He was happy as you can see. We finally were able to go back to our room after 3.  He has been napping for some time now.  I bet you he'll ask me for something to eat when he gets up.

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