Monday, March 15, 2010

My New Passion - Making Books

I have never been very interested in creating large scrapbooks.  On the other hand, I will make a mini scrapbook journal that does not demand hours to complete.  I came across some very old pictures and decided to use some of the pictures on one of the small books I created.

The book was made by recycling a box which had contained cappuccino mix.  It's very small and compact and it's really more of a journal to record special moments, quotes, sayings (of my grand kids too)  I decided adding some pictures would be nice.  The mini journal-scrapbook measures 3 inches by 6-1/2 inches.  The side of this book measures 2-1/4 inches.  I was able to sew 8 signatures.  Each signature is made up of 7 sheets.

I came up with this design to sew the signatures.  To sew I used waxed linen thread.  This long stitch method of sewing is the easiest in my opinion.

I used various types of papers.  I'm a beginner so I've trying to use recycled paper or paper that I have available.

I lined the inside of the covers with scrapbook paper.  It adds strength and adds a nice finishing touch.  I simply used a glue stick to glue this paper.

The book contains a total of 112 pages, with lots of space to add pictures and write, draw...document ideas, etc...etc...  I do want to use it to record special moments or maybe even have my grand kids write something or draw something.  I'm looking at it as a mini journal-scrapbook to take with me anywhere.

I remember when this picture was taken---27 years ago.  The baby on the picture is my son Kevin at three months.  I did not spend too much time decorating the book.  The little squirrel that says I fancy you was cut out of a Stampin' Up catalog.  They key is to keep it simple.  Looking at pictures like this makes me smile.

Now I have a place to put the subway tickets we used during our visit in Rome

My daughter as a very pretty single lady and as a baby.

The name of my book is Remember When.

Instructions to make this mini journal-scrapbook can be found  here.

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