Monday, March 08, 2010

Bird Mania

I have enjoyed making birds from the Sugar 'n Cream book, Chicken Kitchen.  This book contains some of the patterns.  I was not able to find a link to the exact book where I got my patterns.

Speckled chicken is meant to be an egg cozy.  This one is sitting on a votive holder.  I modified the chicken legs since I did not like the pattern instructions.
Red hen sitting on a plastic Easter egg I bought at Target.  The wire thingy is a napkin ring.

I modified the pattern and came up with a chic.  It really is an over sized chic.  I also modified chic's and they are made doing slip stitches instead of single crochets.
Further shrinking the pattern and changing the wings produced this  little bird which seems to have an attitude.
This is Owly.  It was a little difficult to sew its button eyes.

The pattern and instructions for this little blue bird are published in the Cut Out and Keep Website.

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