Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meeting Owen

I'm so glad we finally were able to meet our third grandson, Owen Luther.  Nothing can compare to holding a newborn baby.  Everyone says you can't spoil them when they are this young.  Owen loves to be held and goes to sleep soundly.  During the night like all newborns he is keeping mom and dad awake.  Today he had his 5 day check up and is doing great experiencing the normal stuff newborns go through as they adjust from being in the womb to being outside.

We got to spend a few hours with this 3 year old bundle of love, Taite while Andrea and Travis took Owen to his check up.  We also took Caleb to his school and got to see his classroom.  He was very excited to be at school today because they were having Pajama day.

Before picking Caleb from school me and Taite played outside with what he called his helicopter.

We enjoyed the outdoor play....then we took off to pick up Caleb.  As soon as I got in the car I smelled dog poop...Yuck....It was me.  I'll be more careful next time, if there is another next time on their back yard.  Look to the bottom right, I wonder if that was the poop I stepped on.

We had lunch at Wendy's after picking up Caleb and then came back to the hotel so I could change into my other shoes.  Let's just say that both Taite and Caleb were fascinated being in our hotel room.  Caleb said that he wanted to stay in our hotel until this coming Saturday (the day we leave).  It did not take them long to feel right at home.  It was difficult to convince them that it was time to go home.  I kept telling them that we had to leave so the cleaning ladies could come in and do their work.  It feels great to be loved by these two.

We are now back in the hotel (without the kids)...and I enjoyed a cup of coffee from this neat 1 cup coffee maker in our room.

Cliff is all worn out from the adventures with the grandkids and also not sleeping the well the night before. The flapping of the flag just outside our room kept him up. We changed rooms this afternoon.

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