Sunday, May 02, 2010

2010 - Dia de Los Niños - Dia de Los Libros at Imaginon

Dia de Los Niños was celebrated once again at Imaginon.  The tradition to celebrate this Dia and promote reading for children started back in 1998 in Charlotte.  This special day is celebrated all around the United States.  This was my third year participating and I contributed by organizing a craft for children.  Amy from Outreach at Main gave me a hand and we taught the  children to make Ristras.  Real ristras consist of different varieties of chiles which are strung together.  The ristras are hung in homes as a welcome and good luck symbol.    

Imaginon had a good number of visitors for this event and I enjoyed very much this experience.  This craft was very simple and I found it here.  I was surprised how many children needed help tying the knots.  The knots are made between each chile pepper.  We actually had to make the knot double so the peppers would not slip.  I chuckled at this little malfunction because my sample was made with only one knot and was fine.  Don't you just love it when this happens and you have a crowd and then have to quickly think of a solution.  Well the double knot did work but their ristras were shorter...LOL....

Amy caught on real quick and was a great help.

This young participant required help tying the knots but he was happy with the result.

I had more than enough peppers for this craft and Amy really enjoyed helping out.

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