Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Source of Inspiration

One of the advantages of working at the Library is being able to enjoy reading and looking at the illustrations in children's picture books.  I recently checked out The Cow That was the Best Moo-ther by Andy Cutbill and illustrated by Russell Ayto.

I fell in love with the chickens in this book and got to work...with my knitting needles.

Here's a sneak peak of my chicken rendition. He needs a waddle to look more like a chicken.

The chicken legs were made by knitting an i-cord.   Take a look at the anatomically correct chicken feet.  The G crochet hook came in handy.
That is all I can show you of this chicken work in progress. So far I'm pleased with the work.
This little eggplant color wee owl was created and made for a friend's graduating daughter.

This sweet mustard color owl with the rust color beak and talons makes me smile.  He is a tad chunkier than the graduation wee owl.  He is also two toned.  It has not been adopted yet.  When I give away my owls they come with an Adoption Certificate.

This little brown owl sports button eyes.  To add charm I enhanced his body and wings using the duplicate stitch.

I have tweaked Amy Gaine's bird pattern and come up with this cute knitted bird design.  This bird was made using my favorite cotton yarn: I Love This Cotton.

Blue bird sitting pretty on twig nest.

The final touches to the chicken will be completed soon......I also need to think of a name for my first chicken creation.

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