Sunday, May 23, 2010

Maximiliano the Chicken is Finished

I am proud to introduce Maximiliano my chicken creation who was inspired from the illustration by Russell Ayto. His books are wonderful.  I especially like The Cow That was the Best Moo-ther. This book was written by Andy Cutbill and tells the story about Marjorie the cow, proud momma of Daisy who is determined to enter her in a beauty contest.

Sitting pretty Maximiliano measures almost 8-1/2 inches from bottom to the top of his head.  His round body allows him to sit well.  His long legs allow him numerous positions.  I think he looks cute crossing them.

Maximiliano was knitted using 100% bulky Cascade wool Brand.  The circles on the body are made from wool.  He is the perfect addition for a kitchen guarantee to draw smiles. Dander and odor free too.

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