Monday, April 19, 2010

Book Worm Book Mark

This is a great crochet project that will allow you to use those small balls of left over yarn.  It's also quick and easy. This cute worm book mark will also save your page number.  I read the Tailypo, a Ghost Story some time ago when Caleb came to visit.

 I used worsted weight yarn and a size H crochet hook.

Chain 50, work 4 dc in the third chain from the hook.  Your work should look like this after making the 50 chains:

and like this after completing the four double crochets:

On the next chain work 3 single crochets through the top loop of the chain.  Repeat this stitch until the unworked chain measures approximately 8 inches.  Slip a stitch and fasten off.  Weave any yarn tails that remain.  This long tail keeps the page number and the worm will remain outside the book.

This pictures illustrates the hook going under the top of the loop before you make the three single crochets.
 To slip the last stitch, make sure you go under two loops and then slip the stitch.

For the eyes, I used plastic safety eyes.  You can buy the kind you glue at Michaels or you can simply make the eyes by making two french knots with black DMC floss.
 Crochet Bookworm                                                                   

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