Sunday, April 11, 2010

A New Era for the Library

The beautiful cherry trees create a perfect frame a few steps away from the Library where I work.  The change is striking and one I look forward every spring.  Other changes have also taken place and a new era has begun for the Library.  Due to the County's budget shortfall more than 80 employees were affected by the reduction in force (RIF).  The hours of operation open to the public have been cut as well as the salary of those that still remain working.

The Library saga has been featured in the paper and the public the many who love coming to the Library have voiced and expressed their concern. As a result of the public response and the monetary donations all locations remain open. That may soon change after June 30 and the new fiscal year begins. A much larger shortfall of money will make it difficult for all locations to offer services.

Who would have thought that the existence of the Libraries would be threatened in any way? It is all taking place not only in my town but all over the US.  Just like this cartoon characters...many are saddened by these changes. For me it was sad to see four of my co-workers loose their job. 
An appreciation card made by children at the United Methodist church near the Library.
Book marks to remind us of the many who care about the Library.

Popular reading area at my Library.
 The Fiction and Non-fiction stacks.
 The board at work.  I will miss you Dave, Marion, Gay and Debi.  Good luck in your new locations, Debbie and Jessica.

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