Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Green and Lush Spring Part 1

I can't remember a prettier spring than the one we are enjoying this year. The explosion of bright greens, pinks and whites is a delight to the senses.  I decided to take a walk in our garden and experience the wonderful aroma as well.
The one nuisance that keeps me from working in my yard is the seasonal allergies that get in my way from experiencing this wonderful time of the year. My wonderful husband Cliff can take all the credit for our beautiful yard. He is the one who does all the hard work.  The pollen count has also been higher than in other years...but to my surprise I really have done much better.  Someone said maybe something in my diet could be helping.  I do take honey in my  coffee every day.
Happy palms in the front of our house
 The Coreopsis always look the best this early in spring.
We have a nice variety of Azaleas. This one is my favorite.

Using the Corel Painting program I created this Impressionistic interpretation of the same picture above.

 Light Pink Azalea.

Hot Pink Azalea.

Very white Azalea.
Carla enjoys very much this time of the year.  She goes on her excursions and spends more time outside.

I continue to make progress doing my Corel Essentials lessons.  It is so much fun.  I would like  to turn this one into a card.

More garden pictures to come.....

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