Saturday, April 03, 2010

Fanned Potatoes and Circular Cloth

Tried something new today inspired by this recipe from my favorite Online site.I decided to experiment and used Good Seasons salad dressing mix to season the potatoes after cutting them as instructed by the original recipe. I also replaced the Italian seasoning with Dry Basil, since that is all I had in my pantry. 

I also added a small amount of salt and pepper. Use a small spoon to pour the salad dressing mix over the potatoes. I did not melt the butter, simply spread the softened butter and using the knife spread some of the butter in between the fanned potatoes. I did not have baking potatoes so I used regular yellow potatoes.  I also used aluminum foil and covered the potatoes. Cook the potatoes approximately one hour, uncover and sprinkle the parmesan cheese.  Bake uncovered until browned and done. The fanned potatoes will impress your guests.  I do like the presentation.
  To complete this easy  meal I cooked some Gorton's Grilled lemon butter salmon and a bag of Steamers Shoe Peg Corn.

After all this cooking I used one of my small circular cloths to wipe the counters. They are small measuring 7 inches but get the job done. I make the cloths to be used in the kitchen white because this way they can be bleached. They also dry quick on the kitchen faucet. If they are to be used as wash cloths I would make them in any color.  Here is the pattern:

Circular Crochet Cloth                                                            

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