Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday

A day off work is something to be thankful about, especially since I had so many unfinished crafting projects.

Mini Crochet Cloths contain a mini soap from Heidi's Handmades.

Crochet Snowmen Ornaments and Coasters

Finished Mini Cloth is ready

Sock Monkey Ipod Cozy is ready to be wrapped.  Sock Monkeys make me smile. 

Cell phone Sock Monkey Cozy.  This one was my first one.  The next one got bigger ears.

Pink Sock Monkey Cell Phone Cozy.  I think I like the button in cream to match the top.

The Snowmen Pins are also finished and ready to give away.  I was so glad I had wool on hand to make the scarves.  I had ordered it several months ago from Callida who sells it on Etsy.  Great selection and just right for this project.  You can find the instructions to make these on this post.  Snowmen are backed by card stock and are wrapped in a small cello bag.

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