Monday, December 28, 2009

The Season of Magic

Enjoyed a wonderful Christmas in the company of Andrea, Travis, Caleb and Taite.  The weather in Williamston was wet, gray and cloudy but our spirits rejoiced and the magic surrounded us in so many ways.

This picture shows Andrea's living room and part of her dining room.  The picture was taken with my new Kodak which has the Panoramic feature.

Her Frazier tree was smaller than in past years, but still smelled wonderful.

Eventhough Caleb woke up sick with a fever, this did not keep him from opening his gifts.

Taite loves his Batcave and loved sharing one of his Batmans with me.

Caleb and Taite got to open one more gift the day after Christmas because they got a duplicate of the Batcave.  My gift to Taite was exchanged for the Dragon's Imaginext set.  It's just priceless to see them open gifts.

They can't see what is inside.

The day after Christmas was also a day for projects.  Cliff put together a shelve in the future nursery/studio room.  Andrea is in need of storage.

Spent a lot of time on the floor.  Taite loves his Fisher Price Geo Trax set.

Moments of rest like this helped me recover....

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