Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Bat Who Came to Visit

Last night I came in from work and settled on my chair to crochet and watch TV.  I noticed Carla (my kitty) got close to the fireplace and stared as she usually does when there is an anole lizard.  That's what I thought she was looking at.  Then I heard a scratching noise and found it was a bat who came to visit not really but to stay as I found the next day.

Last night's picture, my first encounter with the bat.  Oh no, please go away.  We checked and he was breathing, despite it being so cold outside in the mid 20's last night.  So, I thought, surely it will freeze and in the morning there will be no more bat.

Here he is hanging upside down and with eyes shut, all settled and comfy.  This is what I'll see all winter when I sit in my living room to relax and watch tv.

Taite and Caleb who are fascinated by Batman will now be able to see what a real one looks like.
Interesting facts:

"A study by the University of Florida has shown less than one-half of 1 percent of all bats have rabies. It is more likely for a person to be bitten by an unvaccinated dog or cat."

"Bats are not a danger to people and are actually quite valuable. Very few carry rabies, and they help to control the insect population. They also help seed new plants and pollinate our crops!"  These facts taken from this site.

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