Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some of my Favorite Christmas Decorations this Year

This is an exquisite ornament, I'm sure to treasure for years to come.  The tag attached reads: I am an angel feather sent from up above to serve as a reminder of His most gracious love.  I'm from your guardian angel that God assigned to you, it fell out in her struggles as she protected you.  Each time you almost stumble, each time you nearly fall thank God and all His angels for answering your call.  I love this.  This ornament was give to me by Shelia.  Thank you Shelia, this is powerful.

A cleverly designed Rudolph decoration made by Shelia.  That soap bar it contains will never be used.

Cute Gingerbread Softie so sweet to look at.  Debbie picked this one for me and all the co-workers at the Library.

I picked this a store.  He stood out and begged me to come home.

I'm the proud owner of this AnnaLee ornament.  He sports a straw hat and the softest beard.  This is the only ornament that was not given to me this year.  He is just special.  It was given to me by Cliff's mom years ago.

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