Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Fall Baking

My first recipe using Agave nectar as  the sweetener turned out good. I have always liked making quick breads because they are the less complicated alternative to making bread.  Like everyone else I have a limited amount of time to spend in the kitchen.  I decided to try using Agave nectar as the sweetener since I'm trying to eliminate refined white sugar from my diet.  In just 3 weeks of making this change, I have noticed a big difference in my weight loss, especially around the waist and stomach.

The secret of making a light quick bread is not to over beat.  I use a wooden spoon to incorporate the flour into the moist ingredients and lightly mix.  The mix will be slightly bumpy.

The can of pumpkin will yield approximately 2 cups so you can double up this recipe to get two loaves.  You can also freeze the left over pumpkin for future use.  This bread is also delicious toasted.   I have not tried making the bread with regular milk but I would think it would not make a difference.  I used almond milk.

The recipe for this healthy Whole Wheat Pumpkin bread is here.

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