Sunday, November 28, 2010

Busy Time of the Year for Me

Being crafty is rewarding but at the same time exhausting with all that goes on at this time of the year. There are cards and gifts to make, orders to fill, cooking and baking to be done for events, programs at the Library to plan, etc...etc...

I try my best to keep things simple and quick. I found some very inexpensive cards during my shopping trip to AC Moore.  I could not resist especially since I had already used all of my hand made cards.  The quality of the studio g cards was not really very good since the paper what I would call thin card stock.  With the 25% discount these 8 blank cards cost under a $1.00.   I was determined to make something pretty and I was not disappointed.  Just wish the card stock would have been a little thicker.

I found everything I need for this card at home. 

This is the easiest bow you'll ever make.  Just knot and trim to the desired size.
The water color was done with Stampin' Up markers and the water color brush. I stamped the angel on the inside of the card.
To add some color to this plain white card, I simply added a border made from scrapbook paper.  I did cut off 1/2 an inch to the front of the card and used a glue stick to glue the border.

 The next cards were made at a friend's house....They took much longer to make.

It's beginning to Christmas.

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