Sunday, October 24, 2010

Little Butterflies

The butterfly on the doll looks larger than its real size.  The finished butterfly measures 2 inches at its widest.  They are a breeze to make and take so little time.  The doll is modeling my latest beret/slouchy hat creation.  I hope in the near future to have a real little girl model this hat.

I am very happy with the slouch hat and will definitely wear them once the weather gets cooler.  I really like the fact that the fit of this hat is loose so it does not mat down your hair.  That can be a problem with wearing some tight fitting hats.  I think slouchy hats look good on everyone, don't you think?
 I made a video demonstrating how to make a little butterfly.  Try it.  Your butterflies will make you smile.

 The pattern can be found here:

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