Friday, February 19, 2010

While waiting for Baby

I thought that by now our soon to be born grandson would have arrived. So far he is still in his momma's belly which has given me time to finish the edge on the receiving blankets.  I bought a pack of four Carter's receiving blankets with a serged edge at Kohls.
The monkey one is my favorite.  After puncturing all sides of the blankets, join yarn, chain one and work single crochets around. Join with a slip stitch, chain 1, *(2 sc, chain1, sl stitch) Repeat to the end.
The skip stitch blade I purchased a few months ago was used to poke small openings along the blankets borders. Using the Rotary Olfa Mat Place a ruler at 3/4" from the edge and puncture all along the four sides of the blanket.  I was surprised how much I had to bear down to make the small holes. Nana is working hard for you baby.  We don't know his name yet.  My daughter won't share until baby is born.

I like the non traditional colors.  This edge was worked after working all around with single crochets by joining and chaining 1, *(2 half double crochet, slip stitch in next opening).  Repeat from * to the end.  I used a hook G and a worsted weight cotton by I Love This Cotton Yarn.
To create this newborn beret I found inspiration on the receiving blanket with the monkey motif.  Beret was made with my favorite cotton yarn for baby hats 'I Love this Cotton'.  I hope they don't decide to discontinue it as they have done with some of their other yarns.

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