Sunday, February 28, 2010

Eco Books

I have really enjoyed the book Eco Books by Terry Taylor which is available at my Library.  I'm using this book to teach myself bookbinding without glue.  I love the projects in the book but I have to say I found sewing books a bit more challenging and difficult than I anticipated.  Fortunately, there is You Tube.  I did find some tutorials that were somewhat useful.  

This was my church's bulletin today.  I got quite a few to practice. I like it because it shows the Charlotte skyline.

Front and back covers
The papers that make up the book are called signatures.
These books were made using the Coptic bookbinding technique. I need lots more practice as you can see.  It was neat to find out that the Copts, Christians living in Egypt in the 2nd century AD developed this technique.

I got this waxed linen thread from an Etsy seller.  I will use it when I get better.  To practice, I'm using embroidery floss.  I have looked in a couple of stores and have not been able to find this thread.  Will keep looking to see if I can get a better deal and more quantity.
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