Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Year or so Ago

A year or so ago  I got this cute Valentine from my two grand kids.  I've kept it all year long in my kitchen to remind me how blessed I am. Sure would be nice if they lived a little closer.  Next year at this time there will be another little boy in the pictures my daughter takes.

This is my valentine card to Cliff this year which he has not seen as I write this.  He has been gone all day.  He left for work around 11:30 pm and he has not returned.  He did say it could take long but I'm getting ready to call him soon.  Just being lazy getting my cell phone from the car. The card illustrations are from Blissful Elements. I just love vintage and paper ephemera. The paper background was also a gift from Connie.  Making cards is therapeutic and a great outlet for expressing creativity.
The inside of the card. The picture is a few years old.
Worked some on Hedgie and thanks to Connie I'll be able to complete it.  Fun Fur yarn is becoming rare and I was not able to get any but she insisted I use some of her Sirdar Foxy and in the squirrel colorway.  Love how it's coming out.
Hedgie's body...
After church I stopped by The Fresh Market and my mission was to get some of their Pillow cookies for my valentine.  These are absolutely my favorite cookies.  Marion at work first introduced me to them. While at the Fresh Market I also picked some All Dente enriched noodles Lemon Chive Fettuccine.

Happy Valentines to all my Loved ones and friends.
Cliff update: He just now called and is on his way.

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