Friday, January 29, 2010

A Happy Owl

This picture of one of my Owl cozies was sent to me by Lesley.  She is very happy with it too and it just really warmed my heart to get such a nice feedback.  Lesley does have an Etsy shop and I also share her love for paper ephemera.  So I'm thinking when the owl is not fulfilling its duties to protect the cell phone, it can just be used to decorate any little corner of your house.  Thank you Lesley.

Speaking of owls....Most of them have sold and the only penguin I had listed has already been shipped.  I found these bright buttons and discovered they will look great to secure the cozy's strap.  It's great to finally find a use for these bright buttons.
The bright green buttons match owly's eyes.
I have already selected the yarn I will use for the Blackberry Cozy that a friend has commissioned me to make. I'm just tickled that she would like a monkey. stay tuned....Monkey Blackberry Cozy coming soon....


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