Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cabin Fever Month - No Not Really - My Birthday Month

Once again my birthday arrived and I was pleasantly surprised by the many thoughtful gifts I received. (restaurant gift cards, Biscotti, socks, coffee, earrings, flower decoration, etc...etc...) Every one at work was so thoughtful.  January can cause many the cabin fever blues including me, so this tokens sure did a lot to brighten up my day.
 I took the day off at work and enjoyed a delightful day in the company of my DH.  We ate a delicious lunch at the Olive Garden and also saw Sherlock Holmes that afternoon.  The day was perfect in every sense with the temperature climbing up to 74°F.  Nice.  The next day winter and the lower temperature returned. 

This wonderful creation was crafted by Connie, who has been learning all about something that was new to me, welding letters together using the Gypsy Cricut and Make the Cut program.  She is quite an inspiration to me and her creativity is contagious.  I just don't have enough time to do something like this Name Card. 

Connie said that once the name book was made the challenge was to think of how to decorate it.  Instead of using chip board, Connie sandwiched together 4 pieces of card stock.  I am so touched that she would make this for me.  This book stands on its own and mine is been displayed on my mantle.

I've been working on Newborn Pixie hats which I will list soon on my Etsy Store. These cute hats were made using the so soft 100% cotton yarn, I Love This Cotton.

The green and yellow Pixie Hat

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