Saturday, January 09, 2010


I'm saying goodbye to my first Owl Cell phone cozy this weekend. I'm thrilled to know that someone has decided to bring him into their life.  Making cell phone cozies is quick but also a little bit addicting. My inspirations come from the many children books I come across at the library.

A cute and whimsical owl deserves special packaging.

Speaking of owls.  I do like them a lot so making them delights me. I finally finished the knitted owl I made from the pattern by Amy Gaines. Her patterns are very detailed and easy to follow. This owl was knitted with my favorite cotton yarn: I Love This Cotton.

This next cute owl family is an upcycled creation.  I used one of Cliff's wool ties.  He hasn't worn a tie in years.  The pattern came from ManiMina studio.  Just made Papa owl and baby owl.  I would like to add other members to this sweet owl family.

Baby owl looks sleepy....

Shawna loves my Lacy crochet hats.  She has 3 boys but many friends with girls.  This newborn size Lacy Crochet hat is for her friends soon to arrive baby girl. Feels good to have a repeat customer.

I am now offering a courtesy gift card upon request for my Etsy customers.

The Lacy Crochet Hat looks good on babies, children and adults.  These three were made in the adult sizes.
I almost forgot........

I purchased this owl this past December in Target. One more for my collection.  He was made with mostly natural materials.

Now I wonder where the real owl that lives in our woods has been.  Haven't heard him in a while.  I could not help been a little jealous when Beth at work told me this past week about the owl that has been visiting her back yard.  He's not shy at all and shows up during the day.  I would just love to see a real owl on my yard.

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