Sunday, August 12, 2007

Papa Cliff Working on the Dormer Window

Papa said the upstairs bathroon window was in bad shape. Here he is doing some of the repair.

He already took the window out and has sealed the hole with plywood. I told him he should just have waited to put the new window when it arrived. But no, he could not wait. It scares me a little to see him up there. He says he is careful. He came down when it started to get too hot.

Speaking of hot the house has been hot. As we speak the temperature is around 85. The air broke down yesterday and the repair people said that it would be Tuesday before they could come and fix the AC. We have been fortunate to have the AC window unit which we used to run upstairs in Kevin's room. It is keeping our room cool., but it is noisy. I kept waking up all during the night. I'm so glad this did not happen a few days ago when the temp reached 100 and also while you were still living with us.
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