Wednesday, August 22, 2007

20 Some Years Ago

People say: "Time flies". It is so truth and the older I get the faster it seems to go. I'm so thankful for the memories of days gone by that have been preserved through pictures taken. I wish now I had taken more. My daughter Andrea takes pictures of her kids every day, I'm serious. She will have some many pictures to look at when her kids are grown. It'll be wonderful.

I came across some pictures some twenty plus years ago. I remember especially like it was yesterday the one of Kevin leaning against the fence. We took a walk in our old neighborhood, Holly Hills. This picture was taken on a beautiful summer day. Both my kids loved going on walks.

Spoke to Kevin tonight via the computer and he is doing well. The rash which he had a few days ago was nothing serious. I had visions of him experiencing hives. He said it was something caused by bug bites. Thank you Lord for answered prayers. Tomorrows Tech training will be tough and very physically demanding. Some trainees even pass out during the exercise. I think he called the exercise Itt.
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