Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hi Caleb

Hi Caleb just writing to say Hi!!

Nana and Papa miss you. Nana has been busy rearranging and cleaning the house (the empty nest). It is strange to have such a quiet house for the first time. I do like the extra room we have and I am looking forward to setting up a craft/sewing room.

Remember the loud Cicadas we heard when I was reading you a story on the front porch? Well some have been emerging from their shell. Really look like Aliens - don't you think? For some reason they like the area outside the garage. Every day there have been lots of shells to sweep.

Found your alligator and favorite duck (he is really a goose). I am taking good care of them and they are keeping each other company. They like the taggy blanky. Taite won't mind if they use it for a while. It's really soft. I should think of making some of these.

Papa has been working on the upstairs bathroom window. He is replacing the window. He said it was time to replace it.

It's hot in the house. The only cool room is my bedroom. The air conditioning broke. We are fortunate to have one cool room in the house.

Be good and remember to listen to mommy and daddy. Love you...Always....Nana
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