Saturday, January 27, 2007

I've Been Tagged by my daughter

Someone tagged her and to keep the game going on she tagged me. I really don't know any bloggers that would probably participate in this game but I decided to go ahead and write my 6 weird things. Don't know if I have that many....ha...ha...

The rules state:

THE RULES: Each player of this game starts with the 6 weird things about you. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. My feet. Someone told me once that I had too much toe nail. My husband calls my two little toes: Yoda Toe.

2. I love the smell of fresh laundry. As soon as the clothes, especially towels come out of the dryer I have to smell them.

3. We recently installed hardwood floors in the kitchen. I love the new look; so shiny and warm. At the end of the day, I'll take a good look for stains, spots, etc...especially around the stove, sink and refrigerator. I'll get on the floor and clean it with this special cleaner "Orange Glo"

4. This lady I used to work at one elementary school told me I had "Coon eyes" for racoon. I do have very dark circles around my eyes. They are even more pronounced on the days when I don't sleep well.

5. I require 3 pillows to sleep well. One goes over my head, covering one of my ears, one to rest my head and one just to hug. It all started during my first pregnancy. The one I use to rest my head is one of those which are full of tiny beads and gives excellent support. The pillows are promoted/sold by Tony Little.

6. I sometimes sing in the shower....not all the time.

I need a lesson from my daughter to be able to put my pictures under each number. My blog is a little weird, too. The pictures are all showing at the top. One of these days I'll sit down with my daughter and get a good HTML lesson.
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