Monday, September 25, 2006

Wikis and their Contributions to Libraries

I read the article written by Meredith Farkas "Using Wikis to Create Online Communities." I found it helpful to understand how Wikis could be used in the library (to update subject guides, to enhance online catalogs by allowing readers to contribute their own book reviews, the creation of community wikis to post information of interest to the general public., etc...etc...)

The Library Wikis I visited required a password to edit or add information to any of the pages. I visited the Bull Run Library Wiki which has many nice features and easy to navigate format. The blue search box allows the user to search for items using a zip code. I entered 28227 as zip code and was directed to the PLCMC online catalog.

I thought it was interesting to read about PLCMC Learning 2.0 in "Charlotte Staff Learning Project Summer 2006." I left a comment in their guest book.
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