Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tagging With

For this exercise I decided to explore the popular bookmarking manager "" to learn about tagging. will make it possible for me to organize and store my favorite websites and blogs by the category I determine. For example the knitting websites I wish to keep will have a specific tag at the end (Knitting). The cooking sites will be tagged with the word recipes or food, etc...

This wonderful tagging system can be used from any computer once you create your own account. The neat thing about this system is that it connects you to other users who have bookmarked sites which you might also be able to use. You can view comments, other related tags by clicking on the number of users (highlighted in pink). The related tags can also take you to other sites which can then be bookmarked as your own. is not too complicated to use and the tutorial helped me understand some of its features. To set up an account go to
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